Hope Ramaphosa



What inspired the birth of Hope Ramaphosa Ministries?

I realised that much as I believe in God and have the ability to teach the word at the bible and ministry school at Divine Seed of Hope Foundation, I still had a large audience that I was not reaching because not everyone I want to reach can be a student at the school.

I also realised that there was a demand for my public speaking ability outside the box of the school, and many topics on thought leadership which I can share information at events where the audience, could also participate in debating issues I raise and those of other speakers I need to share platforms with.

I realised also that the bigger audience was actually outside the borders of the schools, I therefore saw that based on my brand, I needed the first channel. in which I could make a significant difference to not only youth or students but women in society.

This is why I wish to re-establish what I had started in Venda and in Polokwane, I called it “the Women’s Room”.

Through Hope Ramaphosa Ministries I could travel to audience beyond South Africa to host talk shows where events can be booked and my public speaking abilities and my great resource of knowledge on different topics, other than those covered in the syllabus of Divine Seed of Hope Foundation courses can be covered.

I would then carry the life of the word to be exposed to the world at large.

What vision do you have for this thought leadership?

True leadership must lead to change that translates into betterment that saves. True leadership is commitment to the essence of life, the essence of a new hope and its noble values, to rise to the highest calling on behalf of other people. To become a leader, one must find a vision or a cause that makes one a servant, to improve other people’s lives not our bottom lives or pocket book. The spirit of true leadership must bring the best of others.

I believe that true leadership are healers of people bringing holistic healing in body, soul and spirit. Leaders don’t just pray for change, but engage in making and bringing about change. Therefore leaders must be brave enough to take risks that come with not running with the place.

Leaders are careful and know that character counts, leaders must be careful to protect their character. Leaders must be in front but still be in touch with the infirmities, weaknesses of those they lead. Myles Monroe states “leaders have their heads in the clouds and feet on the ground, ahead of the people but not out of sight”. Leaders know that shared values make a difference. Leaders still have the responsibility to translate that boundless beauty to impact their communities, bringing a “new way of thinking and doing”.

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