Essence of Hope Boundless Health

Essence Of Hope Boundless Health is a centred on the principles of Christ. This includes the Character Series which demands that we adopt Christ's Character in Client / Patient Service.

We at Essence Of Hope Boundless Health

Expect that each vessel of health / distributor be of Christ’s character of love, care and patience whilst attending to both clients & patients
Are committed to provide value added services in the spirit of love and care for other human beings who are children of God like us without discrimination of one against the other, but that there be fair treatment for all clients & patients.

We Offer Health Services In This Way:

Bioscan therapy which does a general assessment of the general health condition of the client / patient providing results which 99% accurate.
We provide natural organic health remedies and additional information on the pharmaceutical products recommended by the bio scan results.
We are a Word/Christ-centered service upholding the healing power of the Word.
We dispense natural organic remedies only.
We provide value added service e.g. Washing the client where ever necessary especially to the aged and disabled or physically or mentally challenged.
Our vessels of health are well trained as home-based care givers and Christian servant leaders.
We provide free health and customer care training on our YouTube channel, Hope Ramaphosa Ministries.
We offer home based care jobs and business development opportunities to those who want to be stockists, home based care givers, soul winners, and distributors of our health care products and services.
We offer certification to those who learn and pass the tests for soulwinning or learners of our health care products and principles which are Bible/Word based.
Our service serves those who are sick and those who are into preventative care and those in need of a cure from nutritional supplements.
We offer full body scan assessments & natural remedies specifically to suit your health conditions.
Essence of hope health utilises several ways to assess the health condition of the clients receiving 99% accurate results & recommendations for remedies from the Bioscan machine.

Other Things We Provide

  • We provide Bioscan services not only to our team of vessels of beauty but to sports men and women who may not be sick yet seeking knowledge on their general health condition through booking an appointment on our WhatsApp, on the following contact details 0647417040.
  • We provide a full body scan service based only on pre assessment and pre-arranged booking.
  • We provide a bio / scan operator to interpret and explain the coded results from the bio scan machine in the language that is understood by our client (not sick) and our patient (sick) suffering from the ailments as diagnosed by the bio scan machine.
  • We provide advice consultation and recommendations for referrals to either a physician, specialist, pastor (in case of spiritual intervention) or pharmacist in case any pharmaceutical product requirements that we do not provide.

“A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings"


"There is only one good knowledge and one evil, ignorance"


According to Balch's book on nutritional healing (fifth edition) This statement by Socrates should guide us in all our actions especially where our health is concerned. Too many of us do not have the slightest idea of how to maintain good health.

"When illness strikes, we rely on our doctors to cure us. What we fail to realize is that the cure comes from within.”

Nature has provided us with a wonderous immune system, and all we have to do is take proper care of this inner healing force. That is why Essence Of Hope Boundless Health offers boundless health services and remedies with a referral system to partner with health professionals.

Things We Don’t Do

  • --> We are not a clinic hospital or surgery; thus we work hand in hand with partners in the health industry.

    • --> We don’t work as an Xray service but as a Bioscan center. Our team is made up of well-trained health professionals in the field of organic natural herbs and remedies.

      • --> Our licence does not cover the dispensation of pharmaceutical medicines thus we work as an alternative health centre specializing in remedies that do not have side effects.

        • --> Our products complement the pharmaceutical chemical medicine thus they are not a replacement of medicine offered in a pharmacy or physicians surgery assisting the body with nutrients necessary to help the body to recover functionality.

Essence Of Hope Boundless Health's main goal is

To help all individuals to take an active role in the maintenance of our health, both physical, mental & spiritual.
The prevention of disease, & the treatment of health disorders with the guidance of qualified and well-trained health professionals (vessels of health).
To help us learn about nutrition, through free health education.
To help us realise the importance of taking supplements & nutrients that address the specific health conditions.
Availing consultation through our health professionals (vessels of health) regularly.
A thorough check with our health care professionals/full body scan operators regarding the specific and most appropriate supplements/natural remedies to suit our health condition.

At Essence Of Hope Boundless Health our approach is

The health professional (vessel of health) should not treat the ailment, but the patient who is suffering from it. We put emphasis on health education which we provide for free through our YouTube channel known as Hope Ramaphosa Ministries.

Benefits of the full body scan using our bio scan machine include

A full body scan through our bio scan devices that is 99% accurate. It allows you to know the cause of your sickness. You will understand the symptoms of your sickness. The Bioscan device recommends natural remedies/medication specifically to suit your condition.

Wherever necessary, we consult also through our WhatsApp consultation with our health professionals. We recommend and dispense only the natural remedy packages which are freshly packed (not shelf packed or prepacked) as treatment packages priced according to the Bioscan results.

Essence Of Hope Boundless Health is a private body scan and remedy service, it is not a medical clinic/hospital or doctor's surgery practice.

Information On Pricing

--> Our full body scan prices differ according to the amount of time spent in the consultation, from free consultations on WhatsApp to message consultations (time based) on your health condition.

--> The full body scan consultation is under taken only through bookings or pre-arranged appointments by email or WhatsApp.

--> The actual body scan is priced according to time spent in consultation on the Bioscan machine plus the interpretation of Bioscan results and recommendations. This also includes WhatsApp consultations.

Contact Details

• Email Address:
• WhatsApp Number: 0647417040
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You may request a home visit from our vessels of health professionals (extra charges for travel costs will be included according to your area)

We also provide free health training to the public through our YouTube channel, known as Hope Ramaphosa Ministries.

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