Essence of Hope


About Essence of Hope


This House of Beauty is founded on the Principles of putting God first in everything we do. We are founded and rooted on The Word of God thus our commitment to serve is TWO-FOLD: To Serve God and Man. To serve on the Physical Realm based on Spiritual Values which take into consideration that our works are not dead. Dead works are works that are done without Faith; they are works that have no Eternal value. Essence of Hope Boundless Beauty House is established on a Firm Faith based Foundation standing on a Set of Beliefs and Values. Essence Of Hope is also the vehicle that transports the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ to the market place.


To Release "Boundless Beauty in Earthen Vessels"

"But we have this Treasure in Earthen Vessels that the excellence, greatness, power and splendour may be seen in them so that it may be known that it is not of them (Earth Vessels), but it is of God".(2 Corinthians 4:7)

To "Seek First The Kingdom of God and its Righteousness, and the rest shall be added unto you" (Matthew 6:33)
Earthen Vessels are not selfish. Earthen vessels are jars of precious treasure.
Women must have a message to send to society to regain their respect.
To encourage us to be woman of substance who care about society they come from, who are blessings, who do more than just apply the cream, but are useful vessels even as they appear beautiful.
This movement may also stop advertising agencies as to objectifying women but bring the essence of a person who carries a divine message of hope to society.

Our Philosophy

  • Beauty on the surface of the skin is but just Vanity.
  • Real Beauty must include both Outer and Inner Beauty.
  • Human beings unlike animals have an Inner nature because they were created in His IMAGE and LIKENESS. Man is an Immortal Spirit living in a Mortal Body with an Immortal Soul.

Beauty In Two Realms - Physical & Spiritual

Inner Beauty is INTANGIBLE and is UNSEEN. Just like faith, Inner Beauty is not seen yet the EVIDENCE of its presence is felt through its IMPACT on everyone.

Our Slogan Is

Boundless Beauty in Earthen Vessels


This slogan carries the message that our beauty is boundless and boundaryless. This means that everyone in society including the women themselves head to be taught a new way of seeing beauty. A deeper meaning to beauty. Black women also need to realise that they have a unique beauty and to be proud of being black and not carry a negativity to dark beauty, because the main message will be: We are carriers of boundless beauty, beautiful in appearance but also beautiful as earthen vessels brought to earth by God for a purpose higher than just physicality which has boundaries.

Our Belief

At Essence of Hope Boundless Beauty House, We Believe not only on the Beauty we can "see and touch" but we believe also in the “Inner Beauty in man that is unseen."

Through these beliefs and values, Essence of Hope Boundless Beauty House recognises that man is not only beautiful on the Outside that "can be seen and touched" but possesses an Inner Beauty in his "higher self that is unseen.

Our Point Of View In Promoting Beauty

President Lincoln said "To believe in the things that you see and touch is no belief at all, but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing"

It is from this point of view that Essence of Hope as a Beauty House promotes Beauty with a view to cater for both the Inner and Outer Beauty needs in man.